Esports Beginners Guide

Esports Betting Network is a collection of strategy guides and articles that have been designed to teach you all about the exciting world of Esports betting and help you to profit from it. It’s one of the first sites of its kind, and one that’s gained international recognition from both players and bookmakers across the internet.

All the writing staff are currently involved or have been involved in Esports and the majority of us have been involved professionally in sports betting for over 10 years. This gives us the required level of authority to be able to advise you on all areas of Esports betting, plus ideas and hints about betting in general.

We realised that at one stage or another we were all beginners when it came to esports, and really we were all just video gamers at the heart of it. When we came together to create this site, we aimed to create a resource that we would love to use personally, as well as one we would be proud to promote to our player base.

With this is mind we set our goals high and became focused on achieving one key aim; providing assistance and information to as many players that arrived at our doorstep hungry for esports information and entertainment.

This site is after all a betting guide, your own virtual companion to the highly charged world of esports entertainment and gambling. Let’s be honest, we all love the idea of winning a big life changing sum of money. Some even love the idea of making gambling their full time profession.

Through us you will be given the best possible tools to make this dream a reality; in-depth articles, detailed betting strategy, odds guides and brutally honest bookmaker reviews. Master how to predict current form by analysing player and team stats plus learn how to spot profitable betting opportunities with our concise, easy to follow betting systems.

All About Esports

It’s logical that when you start to learn about something new, it’s better to start slowly by learning to walk, rather than jumping ahead and trying to run. Our guide to esports will take you through many important aspects of the industry itself and give you a big overview of professional gaming.

We give you an outline of the sport, its history and origins, explain all the exciting game types, up-to-date information about official leagues and tournaments plus we also provide a glossary of esports terms so you’re never caught out not knowing what a phrase or in-game term refers to.

We feel that these are important areas to cover when you’re first experiencing a new topic and especially one so large and detailed as esports. If you’re totally new to esports, once you’ve read through this section you will have a better understanding about the whole subject and what makes it so exciting and great entertainment. This will give you a significant advantage when it comes to betting on esports games.

Online Payment Options

When choosing an online bookmaker, an important point to focus on is available payment options. There’s been some negative press about online bookmakers banking options. We believe it’s important to address and correct any false ideas you might have and give you a better understanding of the system as it is today.

How we achieve this is by giving you a detailed guide to online payment systems used by bookmakers, including the pro’s and con’s for each payment method that’s available. This will help you choose which banking methods are best for you when it comes to depositing money and withdrawing your winnings in the future.

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