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Your Essential Guide to Esports!

Is video gaming a sport? That’s a question we get asked frequently and one that’s actually really easy to answer. It’s what is classed as a virtual sport, i.e. not a physical sport like football or baseball but one that still requires the same level of skill, training, understanding of strategy and mental ability in order to participate at the highest levels.

Its history dates back to the 1980’s when the era of video games exploded into mainstream culture with the first real home video gaming systems. This inevitably led to the organisation of the first official tournaments by fans and video games companies.

Today, esports gaming is incredibly competitive and there are already a number of professional esports leagues and tournaments around the world that assist in promoting the sport to a wider audience.

The top esports players and teams compete against each other in order to be ranked Number 1 worldwide at a particular game and earn cash prizes, much in the same way as professional poker players do by playing the tournament circuit. With sports betting being it’s hugest in India, these sporting features pay out incredible sum day by day. If you want to know more about this, you can read about the online casino in India a guide located here.

Lots of Different Esports Games to Bet On

sporting arena sporting arena

Whatever your flavour, esports has a game type that’s up your street. If you’re a fan of video games or a regular player its most likely you’ve played a few of them before, so you’re not totally at a disadvantage even if you’re new to the betting side of esports.

Most of the officially rated games are fast paced, offering plenty of action and underpinning it all with the use of clever in game strategies. This can produce some incredibly exciting battles and matches, especially when you have the best of the best squaring off against each other in heated combat.

Even if you’ve never played any of these video games before, our guides will explain everything you could possibly need to know about each title through our detailed game overviews. We also provide the most appropriate betting strategies for each game.

Whether you’re into First Person Shooter’s (FPS) or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’s (MOBA’s), we feature all of the most popular gaming formats right here on

A New and Exciting Style of Betting!

So where does this leave us when it comes to the betting side of things? Well with esports what you’ve got is an exciting live format with which to enjoy a totally different type of recreational gambling.

From choosing the right bookmaker to understanding the odds and applying various betting strategies, our esports betting guide will take you through all the different types of options available to you and explain them in a simple and easy to understand format.

We provide you with unbiased reviews of all the most popular bookmakers and esports betting partners, plus you have access to up-to-date statistics and pre-match data. This is perfect for you to scan over at a glance or in detail, so you can come to a well informed betting choice.

Need some exclusive bonuses to get you started? Lucky for you we’ve got you covered with all the best and most exclusive esports betting bonuses available anywhere online. Once you’ve made your choice of bookmaker you can enjoy all the exclusive promotions that we’ve negotiated with them for you on your behalf.