Choosing an Esports Bookmaker

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When you first start out betting on esports, it’s necessary to choose the right online bookmaker for you to begin betting with. It can be a very difficult choice to make, especially if you’re new to betting. With that said it can be even harder then to choose from a handful once you’ve been to every one to try them out. That’s where we come in because at Esports Betting Network we’ve hand picked the best online bookmakers for esports and laid them out with easy to see comparisons. Below you’ll find information about how to choose the right esports bookmaker for your recreational gambling time.

What is a Bookmaker?

Bookmakers or ‘bookies’ are companies or organisations that take bets on sporting events at pre agreed odds. This includes literally every type of professional sports you can think of, from baseball to golf and everything in between. Bookmakers became especially notorious in the United Kingdom for betting on horse racing where it’s a multi billion-pound industry.

They can usually be found in your towns and cities as traditional bricks and mortar establishments that offer a walk in style and even over the phone style of betting. These days you’re more likely to find them online which is a much simpler option for the majority of people that enjoy gambling online.

Now most online bookmakers also give you the option to bet directly on esports matches. Some offer fewer options than others and you will find some that offer several different games types and titles to bet on. Some even promote in-play betting though this is a fairly new style of betting in esports and isn’t always that common.

Mobile Bookmakers

Many online betting sites offer their website already optimized for mobile use to customers. This make it easier to access all your favourite bookmakers betting options with relative ease and makes using their brand easy and enjoyable.

Now the all of this can be done via smartphone and tablet devices and these days you will find that most bookies have a dedicated app for sports betting. This gives you many more options as they are able to stream special promotions straight to the app, especially in the case of in-play betting where live odds are employed. It can also allow for special bet types and fast multiple bets when you see a good opportunity to make some profit.

Our guide will give you a list of the best esports betting sites that allow mobile betting plus exclusive bonuses to give you an advantage when you start out.

US Esports Bookmakers

Although esports is extremely popular in the United States of America, online gambling and betting can be a bit of a grey area. As such you find many online bookmakers unable to offer any options to American punters but there are still some options available to them for esports betting.

Our guide lists the best bookmakers for punters from the United States plus exclusive esports bonuses for each online betting site.