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Welcome to our review for the Casino Online Canada market. Our aim is to help you find the top casinos on the market for Canadian players that provide you with biggest titles of gaming around the world today. If you are looking for the top 10 most popular casinos for Canadians then you’ll get more info here and you can also find additional information on bonus structures in this website. We aim to take you through absolutely everything that you will need to know in order for you to locate your perfect online casino.

What you need from a casino online is subject to debate but we will certainly help get you started

Since the dawn of age, gambling has always been inherent in the human race. Cowboys would bet their lives, farmers would bet their sheep, I’m sure if we understood cave paintings better, there would be evidence of cavemen betting whatever they had. Gambling has come through the ages and remains more popular today than it ever has been. If you are looking to what brought us to this stage for Canadian gambling, here is the timeline for you:

  • 1497 – John Cabot, the explorer, discovers Canada. When going on an exploration of this land, he found natives playing games of chance. This is the first recorded information on this.
  • 1497-1892 – Over the next 400 years, many Europeans came to Canada to settle, each bringing games from their home lands, including dice, card games and other forms of entertainment.
  • 1892 – A large number of Canadians embraced the new gambling culture but there were fractions that didn’t approve which led in a lot of underground establishments being opened illegally for the purpose of gambling.
  • 1905-1930 – The popularity of things like horseracing and bingo has not resulted in the legalising of certain gambling pastimes meaning the view on gambling is starting to relax.
  • 1970 – This was the major breakthrough year as previously, some provinces of Canada would accept certain gambling activity whilst other provinces were still not on board. 1970 was the year that all Canadian provinces understood and accepted the fact that gambling is here to stay in Canada.
  • 1974 – Canada welcomes its first official lottery which was followed up on by many different provinces throughout the country.
  • 1989-1993 – 1989 saw the first legal land-based casino to open in Canada. This was opened in Winnipeg. This was followed in 1993 when Montreal opened the next casino and then casinos opened up all over the country.
  • 1999 – The world welcomes the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which was one of the first of the regulated bodies for online gambling and they were Canada based.
  • 2000-present day – From 2000 onwards, the online casino world exploded with what felt like a new online casino being opened every day. They brought you somewhere that you could enjoy gambling any time of the day or night at your leisure. This is the age of online gambling.

There are so many advantages of being part of a Canadian online casino and here we take a look at some

Land-based casinos have always seen themselves as the domineering force within the gambling scene, but figures are proving that online gambling is now leading the way, and this is why:

  • Other people – The world has changed now in the sense a lot of people no longer have jobs where they are forced to interact with people on a daily basis, therefore, making them happy within their own company so some players just want to be on their own and don’t want to associate with other people in what they see as their private time.
  • Comfort – You’ve done everything you’ve had to do, the kids are finally quiet and tucked up in bed, you couldn’t get a baby sitter even if you wanted to but all you want to do is wind down with your favourite songs on with a quiet game of roulette, sitting on your couch, only online gambling can offer you this.
  • Travel – There are plenty of casinos open in Canada, but how many people can safely say that they have one within walking distance of their home? Not a great percentage which is where online casinos come in extremely handy.
  • Free Games – If you’re looking to polish up on your skills or you simply don’t want to spend any money but still want to enjoy yourself, you can simply click onto an online casino canada and play the thousands of free games available.
  • Bonuses – Everyone likes to get something for free and online casinos provide that in bundles with the multitude of free bets and free money bonuses that they receive regularly. If you are travelling to other countries, you can also see other nations may require help also allow you to play. There are also options for customers located in South Africa.

Get ready to find out what ingredients you will require for an online casino Canada to be your best

It’s human nature to want to find the best casino straight away and get started with playing all of your favourite games straight away but you shouldn’t be in to much of a rush. Take your time and see what each of the casinos can offer you as a full package.

Be sure to check out what payment methods the casino has available for its customers to use

Casinos are aware that everyone has their own requirements when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Choose a casino that not only has the method that you want, but also provides a good selection of payments should you choose to change in the future. You may want to use e-wallets for faster payments where Skrill and Neteller will be beneficial. If you want to pay by Mastercard or Visa Electron, a two second check can confirm that these are accepted. Cryptocurrency, bank transfers and check payments can also be found easily.

The game selection of an online casino can be the deal breaker for a lot of customers when choosing

Some casinos may have over 2000 games, others may have a smaller, more specialised library of a couple of hundred. As long as you know what games you want, check out the selection available before committing.

We all know that online casinos use their generous welcome offers as an incentive to join

It’s all about picking the right bonuses for you. There are many different types of bonuses available which we will cover in a bit more depth later, but these bonuses can hold a tremendous amount of value to customers looking to join.

Find a casino that has an excellent customer services team on hand to answer any queries

You may never have to contact the customer support team throughout years of using a casino, but that one time you need them, you want a fast and efficient response. You can test their response time on a lot before you actually join a casino, just by clicking on their site and entering into a live chat with them, this will let you see what their services are like.

It can be so exciting trying out all of the casino games online that these sites offer you

With companies such as Microgaming, Netent, Playtech and many providers in competition with each other to create the best games, you can be sure of great entertainment. You will have thousands of different online slots to choose from, some offering you fixed jackpots, some offering you some of the biggest progressive jackpots you have ever seen. You then have the table games that Canadian players absolutely love to play. These will consist of things like craps, roulette, many different types of poker, blackjack and a lot more. You then have the alternative style of games, the newer members to the casinos if you will, such as bingo, Keno and different live games. Casinos pay millions every year for the continuous improvement of these games in both graphics and game play, so you can be sure of pure 100% entertainment at the online casino canada you choose.

If you want the best possible chance of winning the most money, bonuses like online casino free spins help

Here’s the section that a lot of you will have been waiting for. Where do you find the best bonuses and the biggest rewards? Something to bear in mind is not to get too hung up on the value of the bonus that is advertised but to look at the type of promotion that is being offered and understand how it will assist you in your gaming. The more popular of the bonuses are as follows:

  • No deposit bonus – This used to be known as the unicorn bonus to some gamblers as many had heard of it but not many had actually been lucky enough to see it. Fortunately, this is becoming more regular amongst online casinos and can be a perfect way to check out a new casino. You will be allocated a set amount of money to use in free bets and you get to keep the winnings from those bets so a lot of times, you already have winnings in the bank before you’ve even made a deposit.
  • Free Spins – Another massively popular choice if you can get it. A lot of casinos use this as part of a deposit bonus so if you make a certain amount of deposit, you will receive 300 free spins on any of the slot machines on their site. It is normally only a minimal deposit needed to activate this bonus so again, it can be extremely helpful.
  • Matched deposit bonus – This tends to be the most common reward to appear in your welcome package. The percentages vary from casino to casino, but it basically means if, for example, you deposit CA$200, you will receive CA$1000 back as free bets to use on any of the games on the site. Again, it’s money for free so is always going to be popular.

It is always an experience to visit the casino live option that they have for a truly exciting experience

The live casino is where the gambling really comes to life. You are presented with a live video feed of a dealer who is speaking to the players as they deal. You will be called by your screen name, advised if you are running a bit slow or are unsure of the next step and just generally feel as though you are there at the table playing. The technology was perfected around 2003 for this form of gambling and companies like Evolution Gaming provide live dealer tables for hundreds of online casinos around the world. It also gives you the chance to play against some of the best players from other countries to test your skills against the top players around.

After reading through our review, we hope you can understand why online casinos are so popular

You literally have all of the entertainment you need, wherever you are. With so many casinos offering you the chance to download their app to your Android or iPhone, whether you’re in the house, travelling on a bus or train, on your lunch break in work or down the bar with your friends, you can always be connected to the best games available. All any Casino Online Canada is trying to do is provide you with the perfect place in which to bet. Some will also have sports books attached to their sites, so you don’t have to switch between companies for any of your betting requirements. Once you have found the best casino, or casinos for you, you will also be able to start collecting loyalty points and these will determine how regular you receive bonuses and how much value these bonuses hold so it’s just another way for you to get something for nothing.

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