Mobile Esports Bookmakers

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It’s been the big talk of the last few years, mobile gaming and how it’s set to become the next evolution in online betting. We’ve seen it in sports betting frequently with live in play betting but now it’s also set to become an option for esports betting. By 2015 mobile gambling accounted for over 20% of the market share. It’s become a real business these days, with online bookmakers optimising their sites for the complete mobile experience and some even offering mobile only services through dedicated applications that are available for download straight to your preferred device.

Whatever esports games you like to bet on, there’s always going to be a mobile betting option that’s right for you.

Mobile Betting Applications

There’s no doubt mobile gambling has become a huge hit worldwide. The speed and ease with which you’re able to access your favourite sites is often better than via a desktop pc. There is little to no difference when using the online bookmaker’s website via your smartphone or tablet device and in some cases there may well be extra mobile only options.

These days, with the invention of even faster smartphones and tablets, you’re able to do so much more than you could before. Dedicated betting applications are available from most major online bookies for both iOS and Android devices. From within these apps you’re able to bet on a variety of sports including esports. You’re able to view all the matches, odds for each game, game stats and historic match information clearly. This enables you to make an informed choice when betting on esports.

Mobile Betting Options

There are currently two types of esports bets you can make via your mobile and tablet devices. The first is your normal simple type of bet, where you’re betting on the outcome of a match. The second is in-play betting, where you bet on specific scores or outcomes. This adds an extra layer of excitement to esports betting. This also allows you to make adjustment bets through out a match or series of matches if your original bets aren’t going quite to plan.

Mobile Early Adopters

The best online bookmakers are those who have adapted quickly to the rise in mobile gambling. It accounts for such a huge market share that it’s impossible to ignore its potential and current power. It’s crucial to have this option for esports betting readily available so you can enjoy your favourite style of betting where ever and whenever you want. It also makes it easier to bet during live events, as you can comfortably utilise the bookmaker’s app while watching all the in game action.