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Are you looking for the right bookmaker to bet at? Or do you simply want to learn more about the different games that are played in esports and see some in action? You’ve hit the proverbial jackpot by landing on this page because in this part of the guide we focus on all the different types of esports games that are used in betting plus betting tips and strategies for each one in turn.

We also give you a direct feed into the world of esports by providing esports live streams. You can get an idea for this exciting new sport simply by watching the adrenaline charged matchups via the streams on our site. We feature the best games played by the top players in the world of esports.

Esports Games

As time goes on, betting sites offer more and more esports games to bet on as they grow in popularity. Software developers are now developing games specifically for competitive gaming but there is already a whole host of super popular esports titles that are played competitively. In this section we cover all the most popular gaming titles that are associated with esports and give detailed information for each game. You will find different styles of games in here including MOBA’s, FPS and RTS games plus complete guides for each.

This list wouldn’t be much use to you if we didn’t also give you a set of betting tips and strategies designed to help you profit from esports betting. We’ve put together betting guides for each game individually, including how to read the odds and form as well as what types of signals to look out for that might suggest an easy profit from a set of bets. It’s by familiarising yourself with these type of betting strategies that you will begin to see openings where you did not before. This allows you to make effective bets that are backed by sound judgement and reasoning.

Esports Live Streams

Esports charm lies in its platforms popularity, and there’s no better way to promote this than by live streaming matches online for fans to watch. Professional esports players took it one step further by live streaming their practise sessions via Twitch TV, a service which has become popular with gamers worldwide. It allows you to stream your gaming content in real time and lets people tune into your streams in the same way you would watch a normal TV channel.

On our site we’ve grouped together the most popular streams for you to enjoy. You will learn so much by just watching games in action and this will have a knock on effect for your betting acumen. Understanding game types and players and teams are the fundamentals of good esports betting research. In order to profit from betting, you need to research your matches thoroughly. Watching live streams is a great way to get a feel for certain payers and teams, and also gives an insight into their states of mind before big games.

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